The Harder They Come Film Report Essay

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The Harder They Come Film Report
1. The Harder They Come depicts the rise and fall of Ivan Martin, a drug dealer and aspiring reggae musician. The film follows Ivan’s arrival in Kingston, Jamaica and his attempts to gain stardom within the reggae music industry. In a state of desperation, Ivan becomes a drug dealer so that he can afford to sustain his own life. The Harder They Come emphasizes the themes of poverty and the struggle for success in a world with limited opportunities. Ivan (played by Jimmy Cliff) writes and records a song called, “The Harder They Come” which dictates the struggles of a rising music star. The shared song title and movie title show how Ivan is working to achieve success, but he has endless forces working against him on his attempts to make it to the top. In a verse of Jimmy Cliff’s song he says: And I keep fighting for the things I want Though I know that when you’re dead you can’t But I’d rather be a free man in my grave Than living as a puppet or a slave
These lyrics describe a central point within the plot of this film that Ivan portrayed. He fought to his death for success and recognition for his music without the oppressive rule of Jose, the record label, the police, and the society that Ivan is a part of. Ivan relates to many impoverished Jamaicans in that he is being oppressed by society, and his song makes note of the meager ways of life for a common person in this community, helping him to gain recognition. Greed,…

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