The Happiest Place On Earth Essay

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Since 1955, Disneyland has been nicknamed “the happiest place on Earth”, a nickname in which I believe is perfectly fitting. I remember the first time I ever visited Disneyland. I was a short, eager fifth grader that couldn’t keep my cool when I had heard the news about the upcoming trip. The week of Disney quickly passed and I was left with nothing but sweet memories. I could not get over my favorite part of the entire trip, exploring California Adventure. The most memorable part of California Adventure had to be the Grizzly River Run, California Screamin’, and no one could forget the magical World of Color.
During our visit at Disneyland, my family and I happened to stay at the Grand Californian. The Grand Californian let all their guests in an hour early and just happened to overlook The Grizzly River Run. The Grizzly River Run had this beautiful rock that was carved into a bear that sat atop the ride. I swore I could hear it calling my name. As it came time to finally ride this majestic river run, I climbed aboard my river vessel and took off. The river breeze swept through my hair as the boat climbed to the top. At last, peace and quiet hit the air as we held onto the last seconds of calmness. Whoosh! There I was racing down the river, curving, spinning. I felt as if I was actually doing this in real life, and for once didn’t mind that I was getting wet. I can remember trying my hardest to engrave every twist and turn the ride had and remember the adrenaline rush. A…

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