The Happiest Day Of John 's Life Essay

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True Love Today was the happiest day of John’s life. He was smiling from ear to ear. There was a sense of nervous yet happy feelings inside of him. As he walked down the aisle, John began to start sweating bullets. The nervous feeling inside of John was in full effect. His heart was racing a 1,000 miles per minute. It felt as if his heart was going to explode. Hands began to sweat, hands started shaking, and then smiling-smiling as if something good was about to happen. The moment had arrived, waiting patiently at the podium for his beautiful bride to make her way to the room. When she entered the room all the anxiety and nervousness he seemed to have left. Gazing upon her, he became lost. She is the “fairest flower of any field.” Everything around him appeared to be in slow motion. Capturing every single second, knowing that today was a day he never wanted to ever forget. The sparkle in her eyes, the glow in her face, and the way her hair was blowing in the wind made that moment that much more magical. Her beauty was captivating. For every second, for every minute, for every hour, and for every day he was alive, he would love her until his last breathe.

However, the night of their wedding was even more magical than the wedding. It was the day they first made love to each other. John recalls everything that happens that night. Now, here’s the story of this special night they had together. The room was like love paradise with a room decorated with scented candles. The…

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