The Hanging Of The Mouse Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Questions like “Do I believe in capital punishment?”, “Do I believe in the death penalty?” and “Can I withstand to watch someone die in front of my eyes?” crossed my mind as a read through the story. The death penalty should be carried out depending on the crime committed, and I don’t believe that I am one to watch the punishment to be carried out. I would be that cat feeling remorse and sadness for what was happening in front of me. The last line in the story, “but an excellent moral lesson, nevertheless.” (Barnet, Cain, & Burto, 2010, p. 1310) sticks out the most from the entire story. Having the belief that the death penalty should be carried out, but not being able to watch such an event…should children and teens be subject to such things? For sure this would teach them a lesson on what happens when extremely bad crimes are committed, but is that a lesson that should be taught in that

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