The Handmaid's Tale: A Fictional Narrative

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By and large, Ava quickly reached the conclusion she was no longer simply a woman seducing men for espionage, now she was a political criminal too. Realizing her larceny and godless existence might lead to her death, Ava plotted how she would use her charms to get through what she figured would be a lengthy imprisonment, if not torture and death. Every few days, when they shoved a bowl of gruel at her and some stale cheese, she flirted with the guards. When they questioned her, she followed the script that her friends had taught her, to the letter. “No, that’s not my name. Like I said, you have wrong woman.” “We know who you are, Ava. You are the shameless whore who was working with the Russian Captain.” The guards took a special dislike towards her, learning she was also a Jew. “No. I have no idea about Russian captain. Why would I know such a man? I'm Hungarian, not Russian.” “Don’t call yourself Hungarian, Ava. You are a Jew.” Her hands were …show more content…
Even the muffled sound of the guards’s shoes, specially outfitted with a rubber that barely left a sound, caused her to feel as if she were sliding into an abyss. When she was fed, it was white potatoes on white paper plates. Everything was white, as if they had wiped all life from her. If she tried to speak when the guards handed her a meal, they silenced her with a finger to their lips. And suddenly, she was in that dark closet the Russian Captain had locked her in, again, not able to sleep, desperately lonely and feeling as if she was the last person left on earth. Then one day they came and took her from the white cell. Leading her through halls with air rushing past her and a dizzying view of cells rushing past. “Where are you taking me?” “Comrade Alkaev wants to speak with you.” That’s all they told her. And when she tried to speak again, they hushed her and dragged her weak body through a hall, now filled with book shelves towards a glass

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