The Handmaid 's Tale By Margaret Atwood Essay

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In Margaret Atwood 's The Handmaid’s Tale, one is given a look into a society where women are deprived of power and live out lives of enslavement under a very strict and vigilant government. The government uses the Handmaids and other people, such as the commanders, in the society to ensure that everyone in the society is complying with its rules. The methods of Gilead’s government are absolutely archaic, “The Handmaid 's Tale brings together pre-Christian notions of absolute patriarchal authority-omniscient and avenging God” (Cooper 50). Woman have been depleted of almost all of their rights except a few domestic ones, and human fertility is so rare that individuals with “viable ovaries” (Atwood 143) are now in demand as Handmaids to bear children for high-ranking men of the state. With fertility being remarkably rare, one can easily see how a society can turn itself inside out. Wives have to be present during a ceremony where the Commander of the house and a handmaid have sex for reproductive purposes only. One can guess there is a lot of hatred and resentment between the Wives and the Handmaids. The law says the main character of the book , Offred, and all other Handmaids are only supposed to have sex with their Commanders but, she does find another sexual partner, Nick. This sex is even condoned by the wife of the household, Serena Joy, because of how desperately she wants a baby for herself. Serena condones these acts, but such activities are not condoned by the…

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