The Handgun Violence Prevention Act Essay

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In the era of automatic weapons, large caliber hand guns, and Teflon tipped bullets where extensive background checks, mental evaluations, and waiting periods should be mandatory as they are in most westernized countries, nothing is so dangerous with regards to firearms as the “Gun Show Loophole”, also known as The Brady bill loophole (Hereafter known as the GSL). Because of the GSL, anyone can walk into a gun show and without the burden of showing identification, taking a background check, or having a psychiatric evaluation, they can walk out with a firearm regardless of their criminal or mental history. This is an obvious danger when firearms fall into the wrong hands. “These shows have gotten as common as garage sales, and all this is a problem for us,” Jack Killorin, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms said. “It’s known that guns have moved out of these shows and into criminal hands.” (Cole, 2016) The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was enacted in 1993, which was an amendment of the Gun Control Act of 1968. The Brady bill was enacted to require licensed gun dealers to have a 5 day waiting period on the sales of firearms in which time a thorough background check was conducted on the customer. (ATF, 2016) This was an excellent step toward keeping guns out of the hands of the criminal populace, however it overlooks one important fact. Licensed dealers are not the only people selling firearms. With the exception of ten states, no…

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