Essay about The Hand Maid 's Tale

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From The book, "The Hand Maid 's Tale" the main theme of freedom has been shown through different ways. So, what is the real meaning of freedom? What are the main objectives of it? Freedom is a fundamental right of a person. Even in today 's world, a lot of people don’t even have any freedom. The cause of these can include; different political regime issues, modern slavery, religion, and even faux democracy . These severe factors are ruining today 's society, both socially and politically.

Freedom manifests in different ways such as personal freedom, freedom of basic rights and freedom of speech. Firstly is the freedom and basic human right issue that caused by modern slavery. There are also different types of modern slavery, such as child labor, extremely underpaid workers, and sex slaves. These are mostly happening in the third world countries, mainly Africa, Latin America, and South East Asia. According to statistics, some African countries have slave populations as high as ten percent. The freedom of this people is being controlled by the higher class or criminals. The cause of this is mainly the economic issue, the historical issue and the backward and unstable economy condition inside their countries. We cannot disagree with the fact, during the period of colonization most of this country 's national property and resources has been looted by European powers. However, this is not the main issue. The unbalanced economic development and failed political policy caused…

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