Essay about The Halo Effect On Perception

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The halo effect can be understood as a type of cognitive bias where our overall impression of someone influence the way we feel about their character. The term first originated by psychologist Edward Thorndike who used it in his study in 1920 to explain the way officers rated their soldiers. It is a phenomenon in which highly influences first impressions. The halo effect uses global characteristics (such as attractiveness or likeable) to make judgments about specific personality traits (such as outgoing or nice). Individuals overall impressions of a person influences their feelings and thought about that person 's character. There are other characteristics we look at, however attractiveness outshines these other features.
The study of attractiveness has appeared in numerous studies, such as the halo effect that can be applied to everyday interactions in impression formation (Thorndike, 1920). The halo effect suggests that attractive individuals are perceived more favorable in the qualities they attribute, such as personality. The impact of physical attractiveness on perception has been studied (Lorenzo, Biesanz, & Human, 2010) by observing 73 undergraduate students in 10 groups of 5-11 people. Only having a three minute interaction, individuals who were more physically attractive were viewed more positively in the first impression. An individual whom is more physically attractive led the perceiver to form more positive perceptions, such as being more generous or even…

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