The Haitian Revolution Essay

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The Haitian Revolution was influenced initially by events in France, especially the French Revolution of 1789. According to Yvette Taylor Kanarick in Caribbean History Core Course, “The events unfolding in France were to profoundly affect the course of the St.Domingue revolution.”1 On August 26, 1789, the newly convened Estates General passed the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. France was divided into a rigid oppressive social class system just as St.Domingue. The first and second classes were made up of the clergy and the nobility, the third class was made up of all others from lawyers down to peasants. This unequal class structure created the atmosphere for the oppressed persons to fight for liberty, equality and …show more content…
Dominge, many of whom were persons of large property and liberal education petitioned the National Assembly. The reply, however, was worded so ambiguously, that the two parties concerned, the whites and the people of colour, interpreted it each in its own favour which divided them even further and led to greater disquiet between them. The conflict between the whites and the coloureds provided the enslaved people with a great opportunity to fight for their freedom. The whites and the coloureds were so caught up n their own struggle that they neglected the enslaved, to the extent that their very supervision broke down. As a result of this, the enslaved people were left free to plan their revolt. This gave them a good chance of revolting successfully. The conflict between the whites and the coloureds was so intense that there was no immediate possibility of them uniting to fight against the enslaved people which formerly, had led to the defeat of slave uprisings.
Hilary Beckles and Verene Shepherd in Liberties Lost Caribbean Indigenous Societies and Slave Systems also agreed with the argument, that the conflict between the whites and the mulattoes was one of the factors that assisted in the success of the Haitian Revolution. They took it even further to say that as a result of the conflict, the coloureds took things in their own hands and formed an army of some 350 coloureds to demand legal equality from the governor. This army was defeated by the local militia

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