The Haitian Revolution Essay

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Haiti in the nineteenth century precisely because it was a threat to their slave economies, a threat that should be defended and celebrated. It had abolished slavery, won independence, and set an example that would inspire slave rebellion throughout the New World.
As the great Black abolitionist Frederick Douglass declared, “We should not forget that the freedom you and I enjoy today; that the freedom that eight hundred thousand colored people enjoy in the British West Indies; the freedom that has come to colored race the world over, is largely due to the brave stand taken by the Black sons of Haiti. When they struck for freedom. They struck for the freedom of every Black man in the world.”7 THE HAITIAN Revolution was the first and only successful slave revolution in human history. The slaves’ struggle produced heroic leaders, especially Toussaint L’Ouverture. He and his revolutionary army of self-emancipated slaves defeated the three great empires of the eighteenth century Spain, England, and France and finally won independence after a decade of struggle in 1804. At the time, France was led by an absolutist government, which spoke to the primitive respectability additionally encouraged the rising industrialists. The lesser nobles, crushed by the concentrating elements of the absolutist state, searched for new wellsprings of riches and got to be grower in the settlement. The government gave French vendors syndication on exchange, the scandalous…

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