The Habits Of Free Time In High School

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When I was in junior high, up to my sophomore year in high school I never cared about school or my grades until I was expelled from coon rapids high school for allegedly distributing marijuana to other students. I was then transferred to an alternative school called Crossroad which I hated because I felt like I was around dumb criminals all day. Later that year I had an IEP meeting at my new school at the time, with my family, case manager and principle of crossroad and talk about my how I can graduate on time, I later found out during the meeting I was a year behind on credits! That was the breaking point for me, that’s when I made the decision to take school seriously and make it my first priority. I started working hard as I possible could …show more content…
I procrastinate a lot, especially if I get to my free time to my myself, I usually start my homework/ assignments a day or two before its due just because I’m so occupied throughout the week with work and assignments from other classes. One thing about myself is that if I’m schedule to work I will start my assignments immediately after class because I work mid-day shifts typically from 4-10:30 plus it takes me 30 min to get home (home by 11). I know that when I get home from work I will be to exhausted to start my homework plus all my classes start in the morning. I believe procrastinating effects my grad a lot because I rush through the work and don’t put my best effort in to get the grade I want. A good habit of my is I always double check my work to make sure it meets the requirements of my assignments before submitting it in. I figured if I procrastinate so much I might as well take the time and make sure its good quality work. I believe my performance in class is good but can use more improvement. I tend to go get distracted in class a lot manly because I day dream about my future a lot, but I always try to participate in class much as possible not matter what we studying. I’m always prepared for the peer view and rising my hand when I have a question or if you ask us a question, plus I’m always participating much as I can in group

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