The Habit Of Movement By Judith Ortiz Learner Analysis

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Judith Ortiz Cofer was born on February 24, 1952 in Puerto Rico. When she was three, her family began the movement between two countries that would begin her struggle of identity and assimilation for a number of years. Because her father, J. M. Ortiz Lugo, was a career Navy man stationed on a ship from the Brooklyn Naval Yard in New York, Judith and her brother came with their mother, Fanny Morot Ortiz, to Paterson, New Jersey, where the family lived in a Puerto Rican barrio. When the father went on long cruises, the family returned to Hormigueros in the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico and stayed with Judith’s grandmother. It was this constant movement between two cultures that influence her works and created a theme of cultural isolation that is highly apparent in her works. (Acosta-Belen, 2013) …show more content…
She presents the theme of cultural isolation in her poem “The Habit of Movement”. As a young child she spent time traveling between New Jersey and Puerto Rico. In this poem, the struggle of attempting to fit in inside either culture is quite evident. She shows how she and her family move away from one culture but are not yet absorbed into another. Ortiz Cofer creates a vivid image in order to present a feeling of nostalgia for her homeland that had nurtured her and refers to her movement to a nomadic society. In her poem she states “We carried the idea of home on our backs from house to house, never staying long enough to learn the secret ways of wood and stone…”. In this stanza she refers to the constant moving she experience in her life while her father was in the navy. Ortiz Cofer was a product of two cultures yet she felt completely isolated from either

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