The Guy Code : Bros Before Hos By Michael Kimmel And Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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Margaret Mead, a leading anthropologist in the 60’s and 70’s emphasizes: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”. Both boys and girls are taught what is normal and what is not from a young age by their parents. Children reared with these thoughts, hold this bias into their adulthood which is seen through the characterizations of these stands from the two passages, The Guy Code: Bros Before Hos by Michael Kimmel and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid. These predispositions to what to conform to in order to be accepted is known as the guy and girl codes, with each having their own purpose, as well as a consequence. By acknowledging that these codes are not from nature but from our upbringing we will we be able to see that those who do not conform are not strange but perfectly normal in their own way.
Some people may argue that gender norms are necessary to have a united society due to everyone having a common archetype. However, in reality this is not the case. These gender roles inevitably cause tension amongst groups from fear of not wanting to fit in or being unable to conform. A sophomore in college, Mike describes his fear of not fitting into the group “ I’d probably pull a Columbine. I’d show them that they couldn’t get away with calling me that shit” (Kimmel 546). Mike, as well as many others, share an intense fear of being eliminated socially. These intense emotions caused by the “rules of gender” have led guys to believe that death is an option when it comes…

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