The Gun Legislation Essay example

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Confiscation Of The Gun Legislation In this country we are at the point of Gun control legislation, that the government is trying to save lives, but also putting the lives of citizens at risk by making it even more ridiculous on obtaining a gun legally, and in turn making the law abiding citizen turn down the route that the criminal would to obtain their guns. Sadly, our government is tirelessly still trying to construct the process and creating it more difficult and to take away that much more of safety to the legal gun toting American has by being even tougher on gun control legislation, instead of focusing on reducing the amount of guns through illegal carrying. Many options give grounds for the argument of Gun control. The ultimate reason is shown in statistics that enhancing more stringent regulations on gun control can hurt the end state of the objective than help it. Another is to encourage police officers to frisk more often, and be more observant towards people and the places they might be concealing a weapon. Also another option that is equally important is that self-defense is a good way to deter a would be criminal from burglarizing a person or occupied home. So the perspective of a tighter grip on gun control needs to be more broad and less narrow minded.
To begin with, will be the statistics on the issue. In support of the argument of gun control there are over 200 Million guns that are privately owned by individuals legally, to which one-third of those…

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