Unresolved Issues In The Crucible

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“Your unresolved issues will continue to call-in experiences to teach you what you need to learn” (Unresolved). Arthur Miller portrays the lesson of unresolved issues teaching people what they need to learn in the play The Crucible. The play is about how people were put on trial for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. The play open ups with some teenage girls in the forest dancing, until Reverend Parris appears startling and scaring them all away. The next day two girls are in shock and everyone believes they were bewitched. The town’s people want to know what is going on with the two girls, so they ask the other girls who bewitched them. The girls respond saying the names of town’s people that are not well-liked, seem like outcasts or had conflicts with other towns people. The accusation of witchcraft goes so far that they have a court come in and castigate all the people that were said to be witches in a heinous way. People keep accusing others knowing that if they don’t they could be put to death. Most people cannot prove that the accusation is false. After hanging a few people, the church starts to realize that most of these people are good people and are not witches. However, they put so many …show more content…
Abigail and John’s unresolved issues with the affair lead to Elizabeth being accused of stabbing Abigail. Giles’ refusal to not tell the court any names leads to him dying. Issues between Parris and John lead to John not coming to church and being distant with his faith. This also leads to John not getting his third child baptized because he does not believe that Parris a good priest. These conflicts are just a few that lead to the tragedy in The Crucible. These issues lead to accusations that are false and cause many innocent people to die. Just like the play, leaving issues unresolved can lead to people doing crazy things that will hurt

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