The Guilt Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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The absence of guilt can destroy a human mentally, physically and emotionally. This is because a lack of guilt can make a human lose the things that make them human. They will lose morals, they will misuse power to destroy relationships so they can gain more power. Without guilt a human will have a loss of humanity, loss of morality and they will misuse power to destroy relationships to get more power. In Macbeth William Shakespeare portrays that the absence of guilt can turn a human into a cold, ruthless, vicious and cruel animal. This animal will take care of what is to be taken care of like gaining more strength and power. They do whatever they can whether it is right or wrong there are no morals because humans have morals.

A person without guilt is a person who has a loss of humanity. This can turn them into something horrible like a human with animalistic qualities. They will do whatever to reach goals. Macbeth does not care if Banquo who was his friend is dead because obtaining more power is much more important for Macbeth. In Macbeth soliloquy he mentions, “But to be safely thus: our fears in Banquo stick deep; and in his royalty of nature Reigns that which would be fear’d” (3.1.53-55). This shows us that Macbeth does not want all the hard work he put to kill King Duncan be benefited by Banquo. Banquo has a bloodline of kings and Macbeth wants to keep his power and position as the king so he decided to kill Banquo and attempted to kill Fleance Banquo’s son. Macbeth…

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