Essay on The Guidelines For Project One

793 Words May 24th, 2016 4 Pages
When reading the guidelines for project one, I thought of two questions to think about when deciding what topic to research. One was “What activity do majority of the population do daily?” and the second was “How could I put my own insight in the activity?” I decided to collect data on high school and college students and the amount of TV/online streaming of TV they watch in a given school week. I began to make a list of high school students who were male, a total of fifteen and a list of college students who were male as well, a total of seventeen. I collected by data via text message, Snap-Chat and a Facebook post asking my participants the same question “How many hours of TV do you watch during the school week?” By using text message, Snap-Chat and Facebook I had precise answers from males who were either in high school or college. I thought about doing a Twitter poll, but the answers show up anonymous, so I wouldn’t be able to see who answered the question and what grade level they were in. The locations I used to collect my data were: Arlington Local High School, Chillicothe High School, Patrick Henry High School, Ohio University, University of Findlay, The Ohio State University, Miami University and Findlay High School. My control data for I received from my participants who were all males in high school or college; I also controlled the location I selected my participants from, all located in different regions of Ohio. I did not control the factor of my male…

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