The Guest By Albert Camus Essay

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To follow the path of morality, often times one must sacrifice self-preservation, and refute man-made laws, by questioning the moral responsibilities we owe to society. “The Guest” by Albert Camus, focuses on the protagonist, Daru, as he faces a moral quandary - to betray his country, or a fellow human being. Daru is forced to consider which betrayal holds the greater dishonor. The central theme of “The Guest” focuses on responsibility of moral decision-making. The author, employs literary devices such as symbolism and both forms of irony (i.e., situational and verbal) to influence the reader to ponder and reflect the significance of Darus moral stance.The irony title of the title frames the understanding of the author’s intent and purpose. The school house, the setting of the story is symbolic of moral desolation amidst the dreary the war inflicted atmosphere- the irony lies in the antithetical world of Daru’s war torn solitude. Many critics, have analyzed on the ironic conclusion of the story, : Daru 's moral conflict with the Arab prisoner and the penalty of his final choice.(Palmisano 1). Camus employs symbolism and irony to display the isolation in mankind when catering to moral awareness. In exploring the dilemma of refusing to choose allies in the colonial conflict in Algeria, Camus ' mirrors his own non-aligned position which he mentions in his nobel peace prize acceptance speech. (Smith 1).

The title of the story is ironic in in itself because it is expected…

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