The Guest By Albert Camus Essay

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In literature, it is the little things that create the division between the great authors and the good authors. Thus, like any acclaimed and great writer, Albert Camus uses his innate literary skills to produce excellent as well as thoughtful writing. Camus can most definitely be considered a “great” author in relation to his time period; consequently, readers can find evidence of these traits in his short story, “The Guest.” Through critical analysis, there are clear examples of how Camus’ heralded capabilities as an author from this short story. All of these instances of Camus’ unique literary manner are introduced subtly by the context and plot of the story. Albert Camus’ distinct literary style affects his story, “The Guest”, because of the odd mindset and actions the protagonist has on the Arab is unique to Camus. In addition, the setting and scenery would be in an alternate place if not for his experiences and the precise details that are portrayed well would not be apparent if not for for Camus. To start, Albert Camus’ unique and genuine writing technique influences the odd mindset and actions the protagonist, Daru, has on the Arab. Unlike the other white man in the story, Balducci, Daru displays affection and compassion towards the Arab quite dissimilar to Balducci. “He brought back a folding bed from the shed, set it up between the table and the stove, perpendicular, to his own bed. From a large suitcase, which, upright in a corner, served as a shelf for papers,…

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