Essay about The Growth Of The World Population

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When considering the growth of the world’s population there Is a concentrated look at Four Main factors with a fifth element now ,slowly becoming a large factor.They are fertility rates, mortality rates (life expectancy), the initial age profile of the population (whether it is comparatively old or relatively young to begin with), migration, and now religion, where focus is placed on migrating to or from a particular faction.

The forces behind population change
Population Change:A view at Growth
Fertility has been on a slow descent over the last decade and is expected to continue declining.As a result,the world,s population rate is also slowing down. But from the year 2010-2050 ,the worlds population is expected to rise some 35%.That is approximately 2 Billion people.Fertility patterns may differ between countries, and larger geographic locations for a myriad of reasons, including cultural standards,degrees of economic improvement, education systems and government policies that encourage ,or discourage, family planning. Female reproductive rates may also be a result of infant fatality rates, participation in the labor market, income levels and social status, among other factors.("Main Factors Driving Population Growth | Pew Research Center," 2015)
Life Expectancy,which is the expected life term we are given from infancy,has been on the up-rise, and is expected to continue its ascent over the next four decades.Research has shown that people are living longer, due to better…

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