The Growth Of The Population Essays

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Since 1800, the world has experienced the process of migration from rural areas to cities. In 1800, only 3% of total population lived in the urban areas, but in the following two centuries, the population of cities has rapidly increased to over 50% (Godfrey and Julien, 2005). Because of the development of technology, farming has been becoming more effective than ever. The increasing number of farmer has been losing their jobs (Knoll, 2014). Therefore, in many developing countries, the better conditions and opportunities of cities are attracting people to migrate from rural areas (2014). However, the growth of unprepared urbanization, which results in the lack of infrastructure, is also threatening people`s life (United Nations., 2014). . For example, due to the unplanned urban growth, in China the Basic Health Insurance covered only 28% of the urban population (Gong et al., 2012). The transmission of disease that is caused by the migration and unfair distribution of medical resources is forcing people to pay more attention. At the same time, some cities solved this problem appropriately. This essay will firstly analyse the situation and problems of urbanisation, then it will discuss the solutions and evaluate the efficiency.

In the developing country, the negative impacts that making by urbanization are influencing more people than we thought. According to Knoll, a city that is 10% larger in population offers wages that are 0.2 to 1% higher (2014). 30% to 60% population in…

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