The Growth Of Technology Has On Youth Essay example

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The growth of technology has had some negative effects on youth. However, there are many advantages of the growth of technology that can help in youth life such as development social skills, building learning skills and accessing information easily.
The advantages and benefits that technology has on youth is growing because of how advanced technology has become, this can happen because of how realistic the world looks through a screen. Technology allows children to communicate all around the word by playing different computer games. This results in an exchange of views on various subjects from all across the world. Therefore, it leads to a global exchange of knowledge and useful information. Technology has offered youth with the opportunity to voice their opinions on a different social issue which allows us to share information with other. Through online documentaries, articles and e-journals the youth are able to learn in a more independent way. Granic and Lobel mention that “the most essential distinguishing feature of video games is that they are interactive; players cannot passively surrender to a game’s storyline. Instead, video games are designed for players to actively engage with their systems and for these systems to, in turn, react to players’ agentive behaviors. These games can be played cooperatively or competitively, alone, with other physical present players or thousands of other online players” (Granic, 67). In other words, video games are a benefit when…

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