The Growth Of Human Development Essay

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There are so many aspects and stages in the growth of human development. Many psychologists have created different theories based on their observations of physical, mental, and emotional growth throughout the human lifespan to explain behavior. Also, it helps to inform the individual of what to expect, developmental, as you age through life. According to Kendra Cherry (n.d.), studying human development helps an individual to understand their future better because when you look at the aging process, “you 'll be better prepared when you face issues associated with growing older” (para. 2). Every individual 's developmental stages in life progress differently and bring about different challenges with them. Although most people see many benefits from moving into late adulthood, like retirement, but there are many challenges as well. This paper is going to talk about three challenges that late adulthood brings: physical health, mental health, and retirement.
It is important to maintain good physical health no matter what stage of life you are in, but it is especially important in late adulthood to maintain good physical health. According to Smith et al. (2002), “good physical health is the single most important determinant of an elderly person’s reported happiness” (as cited by Knox & Schacht, 2013, p. 484). It is important to know the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle because poor physical health can have lasting effects on an individual and can affect other people…

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