The Growth Of Electric Cars Essay

1060 Words Nov 10th, 2016 5 Pages
The Growth of Electric Cars Up until the 20th century, electric cars were more abundant than traditional combustion engined cars. The combustion engine overtook the electric engine in popularity due to being more convenient to refuel and Henry Ford mass producing the Ford model T. This leads to internal combustion engined cars to be very cheap. In present time, internal combustion engines still triumphs over the electric car, but they are becoming more mainstream as people around the world are becoming more concerned about the effects of global warming. Electric engines with their advancing technology, are becoming more energy efficient than the leading competition. The most expensive part of an electric car, which is the battery, is also significantly dropping, costing almost twice as less per kilowatt hour since the last 5 years. Governments such as the United States have also pledged over $1.5 billion in grants to car manufacturers to develop better electric engines and batteries. Electric cars will drastically reduce global emissions compared to gasoline powered cars with better batteries, cheaper engines, and more government incentives. Furthermore, Electric engines are more efficient than internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines mix air with gasoline in a piston that gets ignited creating excess exhaust that gets discharged into the atmosphere. Electric engines on the other hand generate alternating current that spins a motor creating almost zero…

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