The Growing Up Of The United States Essay

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There are many experiences in one 's life that change you as a person, which allows you to grow into a better person. It does not matter where you grow up in the United States because you are going to have a unique perspective of the world, which is why I love this country. When kids are exposed to new ideas and cultures at a young age it has a larger impact on them than for adults, which is where my story begins. It all started in elementary school, where I would sit and study my world map placemat while eating breakfast every morning. I always kept a list of places that I wanted to travel to when I was older. The endless possibilities of places to visit and sites to explore has always intrigued me. This idea of traveling the world is one many kids dream about, but for most of youth in the United States it never becomes a reality. Growing up I was fortunate to travel around the United States with my family. I was lucky to see a majority of my country growing up. However, I did not truly feel the impact of travel until I left for Europe last July.
Travel is all about making decisions. From planning your trip, to making a last-second change in a foreign city. You are in complete control of your journey. When I first arrived in France I was clueless, but I was so excited to experience this new culture. As I was going through the airport when we landed, I had this overwhelming feeling of confidence and freedom. Everyone was so kind and accepting despite the fact that I was not…

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