Essay on The Growing Trend Of Skin Whitening

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The growing trend of “skin whitening” advertisements indicate the growing needs of “skin whitening” needs by the public, and at the same time leave an impression that light skin is the mainstream of the society. Since when does white skin stand in the peak of beauty standards? The girl in the Thai commercial said that “white skin makes you win”. However, since when does the skin color draws a line between win and lose? The popularity of skin lightening cream injections among Kenya’s wealthiest people shows that the issue of “skin whitening” is not only about win or lose in the society, it is an ideology deep rooted in people’s minds that motivates them to whiten their skin. Skin whitening trend is not only limited to Chinese, Indians, Jews or Kenyans, it is a global issue happens among most colored people.
Historical Context
Color Differences in the Old Days Asia probably has the most diverse skin colors compared with other continents. Some people have milk-like white skin; some have chocolate-like skin; while some other people have brown skin. Long before the development of transportation and later colonization by western countries, Asian people have the preference for light skin. The main reason is that the skin color somehow shows a person’s social status. Ancient China, especially during the Tan Dynasty, was the most powerful country in Asia. Chinese culture spread to other countries such as Korea, Japan, and Singapore. China is a good example to show why skin color…

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