The Growing Problem Of Food Deserts Essay

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Food deserts are an increasing issue due to the fast urban sprawl of cities, especially in North America. Many people believe that has a developed country, Canada does not have any food security problems but that is one of the main problems with food deserts; no one knows what they are. One of the three biggest factors influencing food deserts is awareness and as of 2004, 8.45% of Ontarians are food insecure and that number has continued to rise (HEART AND STROKE). Also, poor eating habits lead to obesity and increased risk of Type-2 Diabetes as well as a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease (TORONTOLEGDOCS). It is also important to note that only one-third of adults in Toronto is eating the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables (TORONTOLEGDOCS). These adults that aren`t eating properly are going to raise children who don`t eat properly and begin a continuous cycle of poor eating unless the issue is brought to light and dealt with appropriately. Students in Toronto annually spend over 17 million dollars on food, most of it being fast food and junk food, this is part of the issue that needs to be addressed in our solutions (TORONTOLEGDOCS). It is important to look close to home in these issues as they have more impact on yourself but you also need to look abroad to look at the issue globally to expand your knowledge and also to see how different areas combat the same problem. That is how you make a solution, a cultivated effort from all areas, seeing how others…

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