Essay on The Growing Problem Of Childhood Obesity

1158 Words Oct 19th, 2016 5 Pages
In order to fix the growing problem of childhood obesity in the US, we need to change the way children learn nutritional values. How do we do this? By changing the eating patterns of their lifestyle teachers, the parents. We will change the way they eat to change the generations to come. Simply going to a class on nutrition is considered to be insulting to a lot of people, because they think they know a good food from a bad one. If they don’t think is way many times they are embarrassed and think they are ignorant for not knowing, so they wouldn’t go to a class to be seen this way. For these reasons and many more we have decided to go away from a public nutrition class and focus more on the person at an individual level. We will do this by the innovation of a brand new online nutrition website for the connivance of people who may not want to leave their homes. This site will include a personal login system private to them with a food log to track their daily food patterns, such as calories, macros and micronutrient. This will show them exactly how many Carbohydrates, proteins and fats they eat each day. As well as if they went over on calories for their goal and what vitamins they have missed. This system will have many unique features like an app on your smart phone that they can add foods directly to their log online from anywhere during the day. One of the biggest features are the online classes, these classes will be video classes recorded of health nutrition…

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