Essay about The Group Video Assignment

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The Group Video Assignment has been the most creative assignment I have completed during my post-secondary education thus far. My favourite aspect of the assignment is its requirement to not only utilize an analytical approach in determining why European states are having difficulty cooperating in some areas, but also its requirement to utilize a creative approach to present the rationale.
Regarding the division of the work for the assignment, it was more or less equally distributed between Josh and I. For the creative component of the assignment, we decided to record a parody of Rick Mercer’s popular rants (Josh came up with this idea and we planned on the method of execution together). Regarding the script, we wrote our specific parts individually and in the end, I put the script together, edited it, and included a synopsis to be used as reference in the case it becomes difficult for the viewers to distinguish the words of our rant. After recording the rant, the videos were edited together by Josh. However, I used by best technological skills to put together a short title sequence that slightly resembles that of Mercer’s. It may only be four seconds long, however the amount of work put into it to not only figure out how to make the animations work on videos but to figure out how it could be executed as a whole posed a great challenge. Believe it or not, the sequence was made through Microsoft PowerPoint!
Furthermore, the material of the video did not pose a challenge to…

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