The Group Project Execution Report Essay

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The Group Project Execution Report

A wise man once told me you must welcome changes. I think I have a better understanding of what he means now. I never given much thought, but I have always been reluctant to changes. I have not noticed but I completely dislike changes. I have been put in predicaments where after spending weeks creating a design for a client he/she change their mind and I am uncomfortable for days. This project by far has been the most complex project I have ever had. I think it’s a little strange since I had projects in the past before that were really technical and this one only involved communication. But, I have learned communication is the key for everything. In the beginning of our group project, we had to decide which company and project we will analyze. We didn’t have much choices being that we had to collect information of a real project and most business don’t like to disclose information. Especially budget and specific information on how the business performs projects. That information is extremely valuable and hard to find. Luckily for my group, I worked on a project that fit the criteria for the project we had for this class. My team and I agreed on the project I worked on in the past, it was called Wayfinding Solution. After analyzing the project and our performance we have learned they could be some areas to improve. We notice the communication between the company providing the services and the client organization were inefficient.…

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