The Group Minds By Doris Lessing Essay

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“Group Minds” In 1919 Doris Lessing was born in Persia, and was the daughter in a farmer family. Lessing attended a Roman Catholic convent and an all-girls high school in Rhodesia. By 1959 Lessing started writing a bunch of writings on fiction. A lot of her writing attracted the attention of scholar. One of her articles called “Group Minds”, is an article that presents the idea that we as humans are group animals and that we will never truly be an individual in the world, but her article is flawed when trying to show evidence of this. In Doris Lessing’s article she starts by talking about how people in the west are brought into this world with the idea that they are an individual. Lessing then goes on to talk about how humans aren’t individuals but instead group animals, and how if one is truly an individual they are most likely not happy being an individual. It is very rare a person is an individual and is happy with being one. Doris Lessing states, “We are group animals still, and there is nothing wrong with that. But what is dangerous is not belonging to a group, or groups, but not understanding the social laws that govern groups and govern us”. (p. 652). Lessing proceeds to talk about a psychological experiment involving people giving in to a group majority, if a person is alone in a decision they will most likely cave to the majority of the group even if they know the group is wrong. Lessing proceeds to end the article with, “It is information that will set people…

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