The Group Assignment For Writing Project Four Essay

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Writing project four reflection

The group assignment for writing project four was by far the most creative and fun experience from all the other projects previously assigned. It allowed creativity and a place for broad interpretation which made it interesting. Our project was about the freshman fifteen and its health dangers during the first year and above to a college student. In the essay we discussed the many points on how to prevent this phenomenon and what the university can do to reduce its reoccurrence. As a group, we did well in many aspects including reaching our own deadlines and understanding what is expected of us and when. We were all able to understand the objective and work together to come up with a single project that incorporated all of our ideas. As a group member, I did well on understanding what is expected of me and finishing my assigned work on time. I was able to change and submit my part of the essay on time, despite having to change the topic of our project. I felt like as group we didn’t have many weakness due to our division of labor and understanding of our responsibilities.
During our first meeting we decided we were going to do the assigned project on transportation for students. The project would be constructed to provide a way of transportation for students from the campus to popular places around Vegas and the other way around. It was created to reduce the amount of drunk driving accidents that occur daily by intoxicated college students…

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