The Grimm Brother 's Folktale, Hansel And Gretel Essay examples

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THESIS: The Grimm brother’s folktale, “Hansel and Gretel,” is one of a torn apart family and the struggle to bring them back together, on the outside anyways. I believe the deeper story to be about the classic and oldest struggle of the battle between good and evil, and how one should never quit fighting or lose hope, no matter how deep one seems to find their selves in the darkness.
STORY SUMMARY, “Hansel and Gretel”: A woodcutter, living with his wife and two children, is having hardships providing for his family. The man’s wife persuades him to abandon the children in the nearby forest, which actually has to be done twice because of one of the children’s system of finding their way home. The now lost children find an edible home that was occupied by an old lady who invites them to stay. The old woman turns out to be a witch and holds the children hostage, as she has plans to eat them. The children have other plans and come up with a scheme to prolong the witch’s feast and possibly escape. The little girl eventually kills the witch and frees her brother. They find jewels in the witch’s cabin and bring as much as they could carry with them on their search home. Once finally finding their house, they are reunited with their father, although their mother has died, and with their newfound wealth, had no troubles from thereafter.


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