Essay on The Grim Reaper 's Gauntlet

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The Grim Reaper 's Gauntlet

For 25 years, from about 1874 to 1899, Charles found farm labouring jobs, up and down the rural areas along the road between Sweetsburg and Dunham. It is likely his hope, from an early age was like that of many Francophone farm hands: to save enough to be able to buy his own land and become independent. As with St. Armand, most of the landowners had descended from or where loyalists with a few Yankees sprinkled around. North of Dunham is where 3 of Rose 's brothers had moved and where Rose 's mother Hélène had been buried. (In the Ste-Croix Cemetery dying in January 19, 1871) so that there would be some family establishment nearby.

With the life expectancy of near 50 in the late 19th century, it is expected that children would be exposed to death from an early age. At the time of his maternal grandmother 's death, Milo was only 4 years old and hence it is unlikely that this passing had much affect on him. This cannot be said of the six years, from 1874 to 1880 when Charles laboured just west of Dunham. What Milo had to endure, learn, suffer and hence grow from was far from the average.

Within a year or arriving west of Dunham Charles and Rosalie had their 4th child and first daughter. The February 4, 1874 baby was christened Marie Hélène and assigned her godparents, Patrice and Marie Freniére, Roses 's younger siblings. As was often the tradition the newborn is named after a godparent. One year later a disaster occurred for Milo,…

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