The Grey Water Recycling System Essay

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The need for the grey water recycling system seems to be more essential to the life on this earth than ever before. This is the fourth consecutive year that California has been in a severe drought and things don’t seem to be bettering. Due to prior ineffective methods of recycling water the U.S has experienced pollution in our large bodies of water, job losses, clueless water waste, and . This is why the use of the grey water system can more efficiently, reduce the amount of fresh water used but most importantly conserve the freshwater we have left.

How much water does California have left? According to the LA Times in its 2013 issue, it stated California had approximately 12-18 months of fresh water left. Nonetheless, it is 2015 and we still seem to be managing, barely that is. With the lack of precipitation and a large population, the lack of water seems to be taking a toll in all aspects of American life. The drought has been building up for the past 3 years with the arrival of La Nina since 2010. Contradictory from her brother “El Nino,” La Nina brings a dry and cool winter to California with no rain, and all the relief people are looking for is El Nino for this upcoming winter.

The grey water recycling system is needed to help ease California 's environmental concerns such as the pollution of our streams, oceans and other large bodies of water. If people started reusing, their water to do things such as water their plants, there would be less polluted water entering…

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