The Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown

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Nuclear energy is a very controversial topic because of the Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown, the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown, and the pollution effects. Both Greenpeace and the World Nuclear Association (WNA) have different views on these topics. The WNA believes that Chernobyl was a human based issue, but Greenpeace thinks that it is all the fault of using nuclear energy. The WNA thinks that the Fukushima disaster was not very preventable and a little bit of human error but mostly it was a freak accident. Greenpeace believes that Fukushima was another example of why nuclear energy is way too dangerous to use. Lastly, the WNA completely supports the fact that nuclear energy is beneficial to the Earth and does not pollute the Earth that badly. Greenpeace does not support nuclear energy because of the pollution and risks. Both of these organizations have completely different views, but Greenpeace is looking to stop nuclear energy and the WNA is looking to promote nuclear energy.
World Nuclear Association is a group of companies dedicated to advance nuclear energy. Some of the more well-known companies include General Electric, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, and Toshiba. Most of the companies are involved in
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Because the meltdown was completely operator error, the WNA does not think it is the fault of nuclear energy. The workers made the decision to test the reactor in an unsafe method. They disabled all safety systems on the reactor. In the main compartment of a reactor there are many control rods to make sure the reaction doesn’t occur too quickly. The workers left only one control rod in. the reaction compartment. Without safety systems or control rods the reactor was bound to have a meltdown. Once the workers tried to manually stop the meltdown it was way too late. This is why the WNA thinks that this accident was not the fault of nuclear

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