The Greenlease Kidnapping : The Sister Morad Of The French Of Dame De Sion

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The Greenlease Kidnapping
An Institute for small children in Kansas City, Missouri called Sister Morad of the French of Notre Dame De Sion was having school on September 28, 1953. As the children were having school, there was a knock at the door and as one of the teachers opened the door to a woman who said she was the Aunt of Bobby Greenlease. Robert Cosgrove Greenlease Jr., refer to as Bobby, was the six-year-old son of Robert C Greenlease Sr. Robert Sr. was a weathly automobile dealer who resided in Mission Hill, Kansas City, Missouri. Bobby’s Aunt informed the teacher that Bobby’s mother had suffered a heart attack and taken to St. Mary’s Hospital. His aunt appeared visibly upset and she continued to apologize to the teacher for her condition. When the teacher got Bobby, she did not tell him of his mother’s heart attack. This last time the teacher, Sister Morand, recalled seeing Bobby and his aunt, was when they got into a taxicab. Around 11:30 that day, Sister Marthana called the Greenlease home to ask of Bobby’s mother. As the teacher talked to Bobby’s mother, she realized the information was false. Mrs. Greenlease, Bobby’s mother quickly called her husband and told him to rush home. When Mr. Greenlease arrived home, they notified the police chief in Kansa City. As the police heard the news, they quickly called the FBI. The FBI arrived in Kansa City and started questioning everyone. They started with the cab driver, Willard Person Creech, first because he was the…

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