The Greenhouse Effect On Earth 's Environment Essay

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‘The Greenhouse Effect is a natural process that heats the Earth’s surface. When the Sun’s solar radiation reaches the earth’s atmosphere, some of this energy and heat is reflected back into space. The remainder of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the Earth’s land and Ocean’s which keeps the Earth warm and heated. The heat is then radiated from the Earth back towards outer space. Some of this heat is trapped by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere therefore keeping the Earth warm enough to sustain life on Earth. Human activing such as burning fossil fuels, agriculture and land clearing are increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which is trapping the heat within the Earth causing the temperature to continuously rise. The enhanced greenhouse effect is the impact on the Earth’s climate due to the increased amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that humans have released into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution. The natural greenhouse effect allows for naturally created greenhouse gases as well as more heat to be escaped from the Earth’s atmosphere. The enhanced greenhouse effect has a higher impact on the Earth’s temperature due to the increased levels of carbon dioxide reemitted into the atmosphere by human activities, this decreases the amount of solar radiation back into outer space. This results in the global increase of temperature.’(Australian Government – Department of the environment, 2016) ‘Global warming is used to describe…

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