Essay on The Green Product

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Pilot test
Before conducting the main data collection, I will do a pilot test to examine the possible effects of individual’s regulatory orientation on the perceived tactic’s effectiveness and the influence of the perceived tactic’s effectiveness on the judgement of message credibility and advertiser credibility. This pilot test also helps to check whether respondents understand the procedure and whether the measurement of variables is reliable and valid.
Selection of the green product
The green product chosen in this study is dishwashing liquid. This is because this type of consumer product is widely used and eco-friendly dishwashing liquids can be easily found in retail stores such as supermarkets in Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam. Compared with other green products such as eco-friendly cars or eco-friendly clothes, eco-friendly dishwashing liquids are more affordable for many households in these three countries.
Selection of the brand and the company
For the purpose of this study, the brand Ecostore of Ecostore Company Limited (originated in New Zealand), the brand Earth Choice of Natures Organics (originated in Australia), and the brand Greenlife of Infobuy Joint Stock (originated in Vietnam) are chosen. These brands and companies are chosen because consumers can easily purchase products of these brands and companies in major supermarkets in New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam such as Countdown (New Zealand), Woolworths (Australia), and Maximart (Vietnam).…

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