Mysticism In The Green Mile

Horror, mystery, and masterful storytelling all put into one author. Stephen King is a classic American author, who wrote the famous book and movie, The Green Mile. From wanting to start off as a school teacher to ending up being one of the America’s best selling authors, Stephen King wrote one of the most interesting horror books of all time. In The Green Mile, Stephen King, like most of his books, added mystery and suspense. Mysticism is when people use explainable things that are deemed to be magic. Stephen King’s love for horror and suspense was an escape from his reality during his time as a child, this caused with to write books like The Green Mile which uses these types of stories along with mysticism. On September 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine, Stephen King was born. When he was two years old his father deserted his mother leaving her to take of him and his older brother. “After discovering a box of horror and science fiction books in his aunt's house, he discovered his forte” (Stephen King). He graduated High School in 1996 and pursued a bachelors degree at the University of Maine at Orno. He graduated in 1970 and then married Tabitha Spruce the following year. …show more content…
Skimpers, the pet mouse in the prison, gets healed by him. A very sadistic guard stomps on Mr. Skimpers, mostly killing him. John Coffey asked Percy to bring the mouse to the cage and asked to hold him. When John cuffed him in his hands, the mouse came back to life. The exact quote after says, “Boss Percy bad. He means. He stepped on Del's mouse. I took it back though” (John Coffey (Character)). This is a good example of mysticism because it shows that John Coffey has the ability to heal people with his hands. Stephen King was always interested in making the weird seem normal. This isn’t normal in regular humans, but Stephen King uses this to add a twist to his story and keep the reader

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