Essay The Greeks Are An Influential Civilization

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The Greeks are an influential civilization, although the group does believe in some strange superstitions, such as not eating beans, for that fact that they believed beans contain souls of the dead (10 Facts About the Ancient Greeks)! Greece is a peninsula containing numerous islands, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Aegean Sea on the other (Sakoulas “Introduction”). Its location is significant in helping create the Greek lifestyle, which highly depends on trade and seafaring. The “Mediterranean climate” brings about hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters (Geography, Environment, and Archaeology in Greece). Greek civilians must deal with environmental phenomena, such as shifting sea levels, irregular rainfall, and tectonic uplift (Geography, Environment, and Archaeology in Greece). The geography of Greece shaped the way its people lived; the Greeks used the natural barriers to their advantage against enemies. Although the soil of Greece was poor, residents made the best out of it by planting grapes and olive trees (Ancient Greek Everyday Life). Moreover, since olive trees do not require much soil, they became a stable of the Greek lifestyle being used in many variations, such as olive oil, eaten whole, cooking, lighting, as well as beauty and athletic purposes (Ancient Greek Everyday Life). Greek civilization, in all time periods, has contributed to society and all past generations even to this day
The earliest evidence of Greek civilization…

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