The Greek Of Greek Women Essay examples

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The Greeks, like many other cultures around the world, have their own set of beliefs, rituals, and practices. Ancient Greeks believed in many gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters that ran and justified their social system. The Greeks practiced polytheism, animism, and pantheism to explain how humans and animals came to be, and how the world was created. By reading the Greek myth Medea, by Euripides, it is shown that ancient Greeks had a male-dominated society. In this play, Medea, a Barbarian, scornful woman, rebels against the norm of ancient Greek submissive women by killing her two sons to achieve the ultimate vengeance against her husband, Jason, that cheated on her. Still to this day, this play is one of the most radical pieces of literature of woman revolt ever created. Ancient Greek women endured many difficulties and hardships. The three elements: marriage, inheritance, and social life, molded their submissive lives; while men had a more dominant role of providing for their families, engaging in politics, and attending olympic games. So why was the play Medea so controversial, and why was Euripides criticized for years? Euripides wrote something out of the norm. He presented to his Athenian audience a mad woman that committed murder to get revenge from her husband. Euripides was criticized for years about the ending in the play, Medea, for letting the “bad guy”, in this case, Medea, get away. Medea got away even though she committed four murders including…

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