The Greek And Romans Essay

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During the Hellenistic period, the worldview of the Greek and Romans dominated the culture. The Hellenistic worldview shared common beliefs and practices of that of the Biblical worldview while it also acquired uniqueness. The Christian worldview established one leader of the populace known as God, who they believed created all things (Lawall, 2006, p.3). On the other hand, the Hellenistic worldview recognized a chief ruler known as Zeus, who was the most potent of all the gods (Lawall, 2006, p.4). The Christian worldview believed that God was the reference for all things concerning life. The followers of the Christian worldview sought God because they believed God rewarded honesty and punished those who participated in transgression (Lawall, 2006, p.34). Unlike the followers of the Christian worldview, the followers of the Hellenistic worldview believed the gods were real life forces who interacted in their lives despite the outcomes that affected human beings (Lawall, 2006, p. 4). The gods were not the source for wrong or right or the other aspects in which Christians referred to God, but rather the gods interacted as blind forces amongst their will in moments of conflict (Lawall, 2006, p.4). Despite this commonality between the two, the uniqueness of both worldviews is far greater than the shared aspects. The commonality of both the Christian and Hellenistic worldview about the belief in a god or gods’ impact on life creates the uniqueness between the two worldviews…

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