The Greek And Roman Gods Essay

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The Greek and Roman gods /goddesses have been known for over thousands of years, their tales and stories have influenced each other and our society today. This is due to that the two cultures, over long periods of time, have mingled and impacted each other greatly. This led to the share about all of the myths and tales that we sometimes hear today. Roman and Greek mythology have much in common, but they also contrast each other greatly, because of this they have influenced our society today.
The creation the gods, or what “Is also called Theogony” (The Creation) is what the Greeks believed in. It all started with Chaos, the origin of everything. Erebus (the personification of darkness) submerged out of chaos, followed by love and light. When Gaea (mother nature, as well as earth) submerged she gave birth to Uranus (the sky), who eventually, fell in love with Gaea. They had their first two children. Uranus hated his first children, the three Hecatoncheires, and Three Cyclopes. Uranus was terrified of them, imprisoned them on earth all by their lonesome. This infuriated Gaea, and she forever wanted revenge. Later, Gaea and Uranus produced the twelve titans who were loved greatly by Uranus. The twelve titans are the better-known gods/goddesses.
Cronus became the next ruler and “He imprisoned the Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires in Tartus” (The Creation). Upset, Gaea remembered that a son would eventually over throw Cronus, because of this; Cronus ate all of his children he…

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