The Greatest Young Prospects Of The Nba Summer League Essay

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The crowd was rumbling as thousands had piled into the Thomas and Mack. Fans were just a month removed after a NBA Finals that lasted six games and we were now treated with some of the greatest young prospects in the NBA Summer League. It was my first year going to one of these yearly events, and I was ready for it to be the highlight of my summer. Several games had been planted throughout the day so it was encouraged to hop throughout games to see all of the talent. Two other basketball fanatics accompanied me, Dylan and Uriah. Looking at the schedule, we all piled onto the Mavericks and Pelicans game to be most interesting for the two o’clock slot. Piling into the bleachers, we were in awe, as professional basketball players scrimmaged only feet from us. The crowd roared each possession until a timeout had been called, resulting in the lion being tamed. Our eyes shifted to the sidelines where a highlighted figure stood, and fingers pointing from my left and right rose and stared ahead. It was Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks, and multi-billionaire investor. Our excitement levels reached new heights as we realized we were in the presence of one of the most successful people beyond basketball. My fingers latched into my pockets and I snatched the marker out of it. Common sense then hit me as I saw bodyguards barricaded around him. I settled for a picture from all the way across court, zooming in fully, until I could see the distorted figure. From that moment, I made…

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