The Greatest Tragedy Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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Black rhinos, native to eastern and southern Africa, fight each other constantly and have the highest rate of death among mammals in fights within the same species. Fifty percent of males and thirty percent of females die from these intra-species brawls. William Shakespeare, highly commended English poet, playwright, actor, and fifth most influential person of the millennium wrote a total of 37 plays during his lifetime. Only one these plays contain the word ‘rhinoceros’. Macbeth, arguably the best tragedy ever written, was his only play that mentioned this horned mammal. Ironically enough, there is another hostile, belligerent, and ruthless being written about in this work. As you may have guessed, I am referencing the main character, Macbeth, killer of many of his own species, humans. Catching my drift? He eventually meets his downfall in a cruel twist of fate coupled with his greedy hamartia. In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses witches to symbolize fate, which combined with details that describe ambition allow readers to experience tragic loss and consider how far, and crazy, one must go to get what they want. Primarily, Shakespearean tragedy is focused on a central character that suffers a disaster or a great misfortune. Macbeth focuses on the protagonist, Macbeth, and his violent crimes, psychotic demeanor, and combative nature. Strangely, this play is widely accepted, even though it is emotionally intense. As shocking and fascinating as it may be, it is still Shakespeare’s…

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