Essay on The Greatest Thinkers Of All Times

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It is always interesting to begin a new course by reading about someone that is as determined as you. Determined meaning, someone that doesn’t give up on what and who they believe in. I have found the Greek philosopher Socrates to be one of the brightest thinkers of all times. Socrates focused on being righteous to God before following the people of his country.
He stood up for his belief in being a good man within his inner self and not materialistic objects. Socrates continued to be optimistic about life even when he had to face the jury for their final verdict about his death sentence. As he states, “understand that I will never change my ways, not even if I have to die many times,” demonstrates his bravery and loyalty to God. This philosopher has demonstrated his loyalty to God but most importantly, to himself. Teaching the people “that wealth does not make you good within, but that from inner goodness comes wealth and every other benefit to man” (28), he shows his eagerness for God. Socrates fights to teach people that there is much more to life than what is in front of them. There is much more to wealth with material once people understand the meaning of life. As a follower of God he was constantly searching for wisdom in order to better himself as an individual. For that reason I have found Socrates to be a great example of a leader. Someone that is willing to choose death before giving up on what they believe is right. As I continue to read the text I have…

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