Essay about The Greatest Nights Of My Life

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It was the greatest thing my eyes had ever seen. She was absolutely perfect, in more ways than one. How did I ever obtain such beauty? So beautiful that words could not explain nor even scratch the surface on the glamor that struck my vision. I could already tell, that this night...was going to be one of the greatest nights of my life and I get to enjoy it with some of my best friends and this extraordinary woman.
I’m finally here mom! Don’t worry! I was born on December 25, 1996 in Chester County Hospital. The doctor expected me to be born three days before Christmas and so did my parents. A couple of days before I was “expected” to be born, my mother was baking delicious Christmas cookies when she went into labor. This being almost three days before Christmas, she thought, “I’ll be home just in time to enjoy Christmas with my baby boy”. This was not the case, as I did not want to come out until 7:05 PM Christmas night! My mother told me she dreaded the clown that “attempted” to entertain her while she was in the hospital.
I cannot nor can most people recall events as an infant, but I do remember finding out what an oven is the hard way. For some odd reason, I decided to place my hand inside of an oven while my mother was baking bread. I’m sure you could figure out how that ended. I had a good life; I was the king of the house! I had to dethrone the queen, being Rudie; the first pet dog that my parents owned. She was a weiner dog with soft brown fur. Before I was born, she…

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