The Greatest Inspirational Things Of Life Essay

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The greatest inspirational things in life are usually the unexpected and unplanned things. They can define someone and change who they are as a person. These things can also help someone grow into who they are meant to be. For me my greatest inspiration is my son. Through having him I have learned to put all my selfishness aside and put him above everything. He is my reminder for why I work and further my education. Why I want to better myself and why I am who I am. For the past week I had been unbelievably sick. Not the normal cough and cold sick. This was more of running a nonstop fever, my body was in a constant cold sweat, and the only thing I could stomach was Chick-fil-a chicken noodle soup. After a sick appointment with my doctor I was told I had a virus that would go away within a week. Two weeks after I was thankfully feeling better with an occasional nauseous feeling. A few days followed and my boyfriend at the time surprised me with a pregnancy test. Asked if I would take it to ease his nerves due to my symptoms. So of course, I took it. Though every inch of me was in a frantic panic waiting for my result. I sat there holding the test not letting my eyes wander from the little screen on the white plastic stick in my hands. As I watched I first saw one line, then 10 seconds later another appeared. My heart sank. I couldn’t catch my breath. I wanted to cry but couldn’t reality hadn’t caught up to me. I was momentarily paralyzed. After a few deep sighs I grabbed my…

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